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Advocates Want Aggressive Environment Goals

By Jake Kislinsky on December 1, 2015 twitter @jake_kislinsky

A group of environmental advocates in Windsor hopes new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau returns from Paris with a concrete plan to help combat Global Warming.

Trudeau is currently in France as part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, trying to play a role in a cause Canada hasn’t been a major player in before.

Derek Coronado is the coordinator of the Citizens Environment Alliance, and says the numbers show our country has taken a step back in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Environment Canada data shows by 2020, emission levels will be 19% above what they were in 2005. That breaks a promise Canada made to lower emissions by 17% in that same timeframe.

“He’ll have to work when he comes back from Paris, to really put some meat on the bones of a target that’s rational scientifically.”

This past spring, the last Federal Government pledged to lower greenhouse gas levels by 30% over the next 15 years. Coronado said their promise lacked any substance.

“It doesn’t include any adaptation committments, and it isn’t very transparent when it comes to how Canada’s target is going to be achieved.”

Coronado adds at the international level, world leaders should consider bold expectations in the long term. He says this should include a promise not to have global warming raise the world’s temperature by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“That would also include the phase out of fossil fuel emissions, the phase in of 100% renewal energy as early as possible, but certainly no later than 2050.”

Coronado says that 1.5 degree increase will not cause long term catastrophic damage to at-risk countries.

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