Citizens Environment Alliance
September 16, 1998

CEA Predicts More Smog, Noise and Congestion with New Chrysler Head Quarters

Windsor, Ontario - The Citizens Environment Alliance (CEA) is predicting more smog, noise and congestion with the new Chrysler Norwich block development. "Without a specific transportation policy for downtown Windsor, the new development could create a nightmare for people who work and live downtown," says Rick Coronado, Research Coordinator for the CEA. He also stated that, "the Casino is creating traffic problems in the downtown and complete congestion on weekends and during rush hour."

There are no specific plans in the new transportation section of the City's official plan to deal with air quality problems, traffic congestion, and noise from new downtown development.

The CEA is suggesting that if Chrysler wants a monument to corporate vanity across from the GM World Head Quarters on the Detroit River, then they should form a partnership with the City and the public. They should devise a plan for a new, efficient and mass public transportation system to go along with their public image as a major producer of cars and trucks.

"If Daimler-Benz were to suggest a new corporate HQ in a downtown German city, an efficient public transit system would be demanded by the municipality and the public," speculated Coronado.

The CEA has several recommendations:

Unless traffic and transportation issues are addressed quickly, the CEA is predicting more problems for the new Windsor Air Quality Committee to address, and fewer resources to rectify problems. Chrysler should be working with the City on these issues before the new building is developed rather than ignoring environmental and health problems that will result after it is finished.

For more information contact:

Ric Coronado
Research Coordinator,
Citizens Environment Alliance
(519) 973-1116