Citizens Environment Alliance
October 27, 1998

Environmental Groups Unite To Save Marshfield Woods

Windsor, Ontario - A coalition of concerned groups and local residents has been formed to save Marshfield Woods from development. Marshfield Woods is a 194 acre wooded lot, in Colchester South, that is environmentally significant and, in the opinion of the Essex Region Conservation Authority, qualifies as a Significant Woodland under the Ontario Provincial Policy Statement on Natural Heritage.

The coalition includes organizations, such as: the Citizens' Environment Alliance; the Essex County Field Naturalists; Project Green; the Little River Enhancement Group, CAW Windsor Regional Environment Council and Essex County Medical Society.

The coalition has prepared arguments, which will be presented at an upcoming Colchester South Council meeting on November 3, 1998. At this crucial meeting council will decide whether to grant permission to build a golf course on this site.

Besides emphasizing the importance of preserving natural areas, the coalition will point out a number of problems with the overall process concerning the developer's application, which includes the following:

The coalition urges everyone who consider themselves a friend of Marshfield Woods to join us on November 3, 1998 in Harrow at the Colchester South Municipal Building at 5:00 P.M. HELP US SAVE THIS WOODLOT; and HELP US STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF ESSEX COUNTY NATURE!

For more information contact:

Lisa Tulen: Citizens Environment Alliance, 973-1116
Dave Kraus: Essex County Field Naturalists, 733-9578
Paul Heeney: Project Green, 250-9370
Ian Naisbitt: Little River Enhancement Group, 735-2087/ 974-3450
Ken Cloutier: CAW Windsor Regional Environmental Council 944-0300
Dr. Tom Barnard: Essex County Medical Society and spokesperson for area residents 776-4716
Dr. John Spellman, U/Windsor 253-3000 x 2890