Citizens Environment Alliance
November 26, 2001

CEA opposes proposed Brighton Beach Power Station

Windsor, Ontario -

The Citizens Environment Alliance (CEA), in a letter to ENWIN Powerlines Chairman Roy Battagello, has expressed opposition to the proposed Brighton Beach Power Station.

CEA President Shawn Hupka wrote, “…a consultant to the project suggested that, if the facility operated around-the-clock, approximately 1,000 tonnes of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), 50 tonnes of Sulphar Dioxide (SO2) and 80 tonnes of particulate matter (PM) will be released on an annual basis from the facility. NOx is a precursor to ground-level ozone.

“Since recent studies show that there is no threshold below which ozone or particles will cause no effects on the lungs, we must do everything possible to prevent the development of PM or ground-level ozone.”

The Brighton Beach Power Station is a proposal by ATCO Power and Ontario Power Generation to develop a new natural gas-fired facility at the site of the former J.C. Keith Generating Station, in Windsor, Ontario. (

The CEA prefers a renewable energy project, based on wind and/or solar power, for the Windsor Essex County region. Copies of the letter (attached) were sent to all levels of government.

For more information contact:
Shawn Hupka
President, Citizens Environment Alliance
(519) 973-1116